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Academic Recognition

22 years 3 months ago #63291 by Nevadamom
Replied by Nevadamom on topic RE: Academic Recognition
Our PTO was concerned about the lack of recognition for academic achievement and decided to start an award program this year. We call it PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort) Awards. Each month, we have the teachers nominate one or two students from their classrooms for the award. The students can be nominated for academic achievement or citizenship. We made it clear that this didn't mean only straight A students could be nominated, but students who do well overall or who have improved academically. We added citizenship so that students who struggle academically could still have a chance to earn an award.

The teachers are very happy with this program and enjoy nominating students each month. Each month, the students nominated have their picture taken and placed on a bulletin board. They also receive a certificate to the student store or a certificate for a hamburger and fries at McDonald's. We're hoping to buy a sign for the school this year and plan to post the winner's names on there, too. Their names are also listed in our monthly newsletter. Hope this helps!
22 years 3 months ago #63290 by Janine
Academic Recognition was created by Janine
Our town is very very focused on sports -- lots of support for our rec association. Which I support also because my kids play. However, not so much support for school & academics in the town, which I'd like to see more. Rec ass'n does big banquet every year recognizing undefeated teams, good sportsmanship, etc. Our school does nothing to recognize honor roll students, good attendance, academic excellence (except for 8th graders moving up to high school). Do your PTA's or schools have any program in place to recognize students' academic achievement? I'm looking for ideas.
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