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Sneak Peek -- 2004

21 years 1 week ago #105756 by juliedio
Replied by juliedio on topic RE: Sneak Peek -- 2004
Amen to Buffalo or Rochester, NY area! We are located half way between both cities and would love to attend a conference. Travel expenses to one of the other locations will probably be beyond our budget. (personal as well as our group's) I am sure that all of the local PTO's would consider attendance as we have a very active base around here. Maybe next year?!?
21 years 2 weeks ago #105755 by Publisher
Replied by Publisher on topic RE: Sneak Peek -- 2004
We hear ya, Robin. There are so many spots around the country that will be great for an event. I hope we can make it to your neck of the woods.

In the meantime, I hope you'll consider Massachusetts. It's the Friday-Saturday model that worked for you last year and it's (I think) about the same distance.

21 years 2 weeks ago #105754 by <ROBINCICIARELLI>
Replied by <ROBINCICIARELLI> on topic RE: Sneak Peek -- 2004
Hey Tim

Well being that the show in Philly is only one day and on a Thursday I will not be able to attend
this year. I sure was hoping like others that you could have done a show in the New York area well
maybe the following year. Upstate New York would be great and I know there would be a bunch from all over New York that would attend. Keep me posted for the following year and let me know if I can help in any way. We have some new hotels in the Syracuse area being built but I really think Albany or Buffalo would have been a great place to have one.

But I will keep up with the PTO Today Website
for all the wonderful info and also our NPN
info. Thanks again for all your great work and
to the rest of your staff for all that they do.

Robin Ciciciarelli
Mattydale, New York
21 years 3 weeks ago #105753 by Publisher
Replied by Publisher on topic RE: Sneak Peek -- 2004
Hello ptocochair -

You wouldn't believe how complicated the scheduling task is. It's like a huge jigsaw puzzle with lots of funky edges and curves. School vactaions, holidays, availability of hotels that have enough space, conflicts between hotels, leaving enough room between events, yadda, yadda..... UGH!

Anyway, the later dates are a combination of availability and feedback we received from previous attendees. Lots of folks tell us that by April/May they've either elected new officers or have a real good feel who those new officers will be, and they think that our events are a perfect starting point for new officers, so we did push further just a bit for that reason.

Hope that helps.

21 years 3 weeks ago #105752 by PTOCoChairinCT
Replied by PTOCoChairinCT on topic RE: Sneak Peek -- 2004
Glad to hear you will be back in New ENgland. Should have read this before posting my other one beggin you to stay in New England. Can I ask why you are doing the shows so late in the spring? Was there scheduling conflicts? Or do you just think marketing wise, that later is better? Just wondering.
Thanks for giving us a head's up and for EVERYTHING you do! We appreciate it! :D
21 years 3 weeks ago #105751 by laurib
Replied by laurib on topic RE: Sneak Peek -- 2004

I am North of Sacramento in California, but willing to drive with my key people to a location within a reasonable distance.

The smaller scale sounds like a great way to start, but I would love to see a full scale show eventually.

Thanks for all you do for us.

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