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drop off in volunteerism during/after holidays

17 years 2 months ago #127700 by writermom
Well, we haven't had an event yet this year, but we do have quite a few volunteers for our next few events. Volunteerism and meeting attendence did fall off quite a bit from late Nov-Dec. Heck, us board members slacked off a little because we were busy and burned out. What we did is right after we came back from winter break, I sent out a flyer describing the events we have planned for spring and a volunteer sign up sheet for them, just like parents got at the beginning of the year. That way, we renewed interest in our upcoming events and caught some new parents who had not yet received information about our events and volunteering. Our January meeting was much better attended than our Nov and Dec meetings and we seem to be doing pretty well on volunteer sign ups. Treating the beginning of the year as a new beginning, just like a new school year, seemed to work well for us. Now, we'll see if that holds true when spring comes and the weather gets nicer and sports start :)
17 years 2 months ago #127697 by volunteer coordinator
drop off in volunteerism during/after holidays was created by volunteer coordinator
I would like to know how many of you have a much harder time getting parents involved post December. Seems everyone is anxious to help at the beginning of the school year, and then come November everyone is over it. Is this a trend or are we experiencing something unusual?
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