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PTO EXPO in Valley Forge

17 years 1 month ago #131553 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: PTO EXPO in Valley Forge
Hi momma --

Thanks for the feedback.

As discussed above, this was a completely different model than the past years' model. Sorry if that wan't clear to you guys ahead of time.

If we stay with same model for next year, we definitely have it on our list to redouble (again) our efforts to communicate the format well. This year, we changed the name, took the price from $40 to $10, changed the schedule and tried to be really clear in the messaging.... but still some didn't pick up the change ahead of time. We're finding that a good number of attendees come at the invite of another person (and so never see our materials ahead of time).

Either way, that's on us. And we'll keep trying to improve/be more clear.


PTO Today Founder
17 years 1 month ago #131550 by mommaluch
Replied by mommaluch on topic RE: PTO EXPO in Valley Forge
I have been to the past 3 pto today conventions. I thought that this years "Expo" was not run as well as the past years. I also felt that there was not as much information as in past years. We, as organizations get solicited all of the time by the vendors at this years expo. We didn't need to travel 2 hrs. to get solicited. I was very disappointed that there were not as many closed areas for dicussions as in past years. In Valley forge, you were next to a clothing sale and it was very hard to hear the few talks that they did have. We will not take off time from our jobs and families if the format remains the same as this year.
17 years 1 month ago #131412 by MozartsQueenoftheNight
I am very new to the different affairs of PTO and opportunities that are available but am very excited to learn more and contribute to our PTO. Is there a way that I can find out if we have expo's like this in our state? It sound like something that could be very insightful to running a PTO with fresh ideas.
17 years 2 months ago #130498 by mommaluch
Replied by mommaluch on topic RE: PTO EXPO in Valley Forge
Hi Heather

I think this was the last expo on the schedule. I am from Michigan too and our group went to the one in Chicago. It was great! We learned alot and got lots of new ideas. I am looking forward to the next time. I am just hoping that PTO today will notify us well ahead of time, so we can make arrangements for more of us to go. Keep up the great work PTO today.
17 years 2 months ago #130383 by mrshlmorris
Is there anything like this in Michigan? I would love to attend one of the Expos for some fresh ideas. I love the PTO site as well but would love to attend something in person too!

Heather L Morris

zeekaboo;130102 wrote: Hi all. Just came back from the PTO Today expo in Valley Forge. It was terriffic as usual. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, and the fact that you could actually get to all of the booths. And the few PTO Toady things thrown in (30 ideas in 30 minutes) was great. I do like the conference's somewhat better than the expo, but it is nice to have a change of pace.
Way to go Tim!!!!

Heather L Morris<br />
<br>VP PTO Washington Elementary
17 years 2 months ago #130246 by mommaluch
Replied by mommaluch on topic RE: PTO EXPO in Valley Forge
As an exhibitor at the Valley Forge Expo (and also PTO Today Sponsor Advertiser), I thought the show was fabulous!!! The traffic was consistent and there was a lot of interest shown by the attendees.

I would ask that the attendees please distribute the information collected from all of the vendors to the appropriate committees at their schools. The referrals and feedback that you provide to the committees based on the face to face meetings/conversations you had with the vendors are extremely valuable to all.

We enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to working with your schools
on their Spirit-Wear Sportswear and Fund Raising Programs. I think I can safely say that all the vendors echo these same sentiments for the products and services that they offer as well.

To the PTO Today Staff: GREAT Job and Thanks! Can't wait for the next shows.

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