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15 years 10 months ago #143177 by Cinema
Replied by Cinema on topic RE: Newsletter
Another idea is to send the teacher 20 questions and let them choose the 10 they want to answer. Start with an introductory paragraph of the basics. It's good to include all the staff, not just the teachers, as they're also a part of the kids lives each day.

Our newsletter includes what's going on at the school, not just PTO-sponsored events. We make sure we recognize/thank folks for however they helped that month, anything a staff member would like the parents to be aware of (i.e., kids standing on and damaging the toilets). Next year it will be "interactive" where we'll provide a page for parents to comment.
15 years 10 months ago #143157 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Newsletter
Our high school does this on a bulletin board near the entrance. It's called:

Teacher Feature

Since it's more directed at students (jaded, cynical high school students) they don't do the bio so much. They profile 3 or 4 teachers at a time with each one printed pretty big on its own sheet of paper. The page includes the teacher's name, picture, academic background, and either 2 or 3 questions. (Same questions for all.)

I think the questions are stuff like what they liked about high school or craziest thing they ever did in high school. It's pretty short pieces so you can read it while walking by. Not so much long paragraphs you'd have to stop and peruse.

But I do really like the name of the bulletine board.
15 years 10 months ago #143138 by PresidentJim
Replied by PresidentJim on topic RE: Newsletter
I like the idea of spotlighting teachers and may add that to my newsletters next year.

I would recommending creating a newsletter that includes your schools logo and font. I also feel that making them color is a great way to make them stand out. This is difficult for many groups as they don't want to/can't pay for the copying fees. If you can get someone to donate this it would make a big difference. I also recommend not going more than 2 pages. Front and back is best if possible. Going any more and people stop reading.

I like including event descriptions in my newsletters. I discuss recent events, discussing turnout, etc., and try to always include a picture or two. Same for upcoming events. This way you are promoting what you have done, what you;re going to do and effectively communicating your group's purpose. I also include a president's update at the beginning of each newsletter, which gives me a chance to discuss certain things, like getting involved, big things we've done, what we're going to be doing, giving credit to others, etc. Here's a mink to one of my newsletters.

Good luck,
15 years 10 months ago #143110 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: Newsletter
Our school does do a newsletter each month. We are the Bobcat Prints and they are the Bobcat Mews. Very cute huh? We don't duplicate information at all and folks are as interested at getting ours as they are the Principals...
15 years 10 months ago #143108 by Dawn M
Replied by Dawn M on topic RE: Newsletter
These newsletters are great...question for those of you who do have a PTO newsletter. Does your school ALSO do a monthly newsletter? Our school does so I don't know if another newsletter would be an option. But I do love how much info you are able to give about PTO events / recognition in these.

What do you all think?

15 years 10 months ago #143106 by barb_r
Replied by barb_r on topic RE: Newsletter
The PDF of the newsletter is now on the file exchange at this link .

The PDF, while showing the layout, does not allow for the columns to auto fill from page to page as the publisher file does. So I do recommend the publisher file for that simple reason.

To simplify the process (hopefully) I have uploaded the publisher formated file to this link . If there are any problems with it please contact me at the email above.

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