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New feature for File Exchange - Your Feedback Please!

15 years 10 months ago #144216 by KathrynL
Thanks Foxmom and desertangel - good feedback, appreciate it.

When you're looking at a particular category you can search by 'most recent'. Figured that would be a good feature for folks that visit on a regular basis. At the moment you can only do this when looking at a particular category, sounds like it would be useful to add that to other pages as well. We'll keep that in mind as we continue to add features to the File Exchange.
15 years 10 months ago #143987 by FoxMom
I like the idea of the date the file was posted and if you could put them on the file exchange as newest file at the top--- that way when I log in and go to the file exchange and open box tops file for example-- I can see the date that the file was uploaded--
Too hard to send an email everytime a file was added-- I'd have a ton of emails from you---
15 years 10 months ago #143938 by desertangel
I like that idea. Or what may be simpler for you is if you noted on the website "New Files" like there is for "New Posts". Or a search for "files by date posted" option.
Thanks for all you do!

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15 years 10 months ago #143936 by KathrynL
Would love to get some input on a new feature we’re thinking about adding to the File Exchange...

A few people have suggested we add a way for them to be notified when a new file is added. We could do this via email, ie. You would sign up to be notified via email every time a new file is added.

Do you think this feature would be useful (would you use it?) Would you like to be notified about every file that is added or just new files in a particular category?

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