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PTO Graduation Award HELP!

15 years 5 days ago #149627 by LUVMYKIDS
How about:

Each school year for the past XX years the XYZ PTO has given special recognition to a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in their efforts to make our school and community a better place for our children to grow up. This award has now officially become known as the PTO Spirit Award.

This year's recipient has given XX hours of their time volunteering here at our school. They have also (list their other activities). It is my honor and privilege to present this year's PTO Spirit Award to Mr./Ms. J Doe! Let's give them a huge round of applause to show our appreciation for the gifts they have given to all of us-their valuable time and talents.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
15 years 1 week ago #149621 by tsunamimommy
For the past 2 years, our PTO gives an award at our 6th grade graduation. The award has now been formally named the PTO Spirit Award. I have to present it this year and give a small speech. I have NO IDEA what to say!!! Of course, I'm the moron that came up with the award name, so you'd think I'd have a clue what it's all about.

The person receiving the award is someone who has volunteered a lot of his time helping out around the community. I'm just not sure exactly what I should say. Any thoughts?

I wish I could start with our mission statement, but it says nothing about volunteering OR giving back to the community, so that doesn't work.
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