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Financial Transparency in your School District?

14 years 3 months ago #152519 by njmom
Momski, we're in the same boat in our district. We fully fund our staff health insurance premiums (although they may have to pay a portion of any premium increase in 2010). With budget cuts looming in New Jersey this year, things will only get worse. The best thing to do is go to BOE meetings and ask the tough questions. Whether or not you have a child in the school system, you are still a taxpayer and IMO have a right to answers.
14 years 3 months ago #152513 by Momski
I have a senior in H.S. and in the home stretch. However, it sickens me to watch our schools cutting staff and programs over the years, due to inadequate and complicated funding formulas.

Does your district offer financial transparency? I recently learned that our district contributes over 10% to our teacher/administration pension plans, and their health insurance premiums are a fraction of what I pay at work.

What's wrong with the teacher's union? Do they want to save jobs? or get a pension? they can't have both.

thanks for letting me vent.... parents need to question the status quo and fight for their children's education.

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