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Teacher Appreciation

15 years 11 months ago #143054 by mseg16222
Replied by mseg16222 on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
We usually only do something the Friday of Teacher Appreciation week. On that day we have a luncheon and we have parents watch each classroom while they enjoy lunch. This year we invited all of the retired staff back for the lunch. Then we get the Teachers a small gift (school shirt, mug) it just depends. The teachers enjoy having lunch all together while we watch the class rooms. All the parents bring covered dishes and we order the main dish.
15 years 11 months ago #142922 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
I am already thinking ahead for next year. In the past they have done as many have stated breakfast, small gifts etc. those are all great but here is my thought. When doing the breakfast or lunch it is usually rushed as they have duties, although it is appreciated I am looking for ideas that really are for them.

I was thinking of having a field day of sorts just for the staff. Have a cookout on the weekend before or after and different games as basketball, volleyball etc. we can have student council help with the cooking and set up etc.

I feel they can enjoy the day with each other in a fun relaxing atmosphere and they can bring their spouse too.
15 years 11 months ago #142622 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
Hi, we spent most of the night deorating our school for our "WILD ABOUT OUR STAFF" theme. We had animals enlarged and painted, throughout the school. We took pictures of all the staff and put little jungle hats on them and put them outside their class. We also have a great week planned with donuts, subway and little gifts eah day. One example was "You play an important roll in students lives" and we are giving them tootsie rolls.

Very inexpensive but lots of work but we laughed and had a great time settinng everything up!
24 years 6 days ago #67704 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
Our PTO has budgeted a small amount of money for the Teacher Appreciation Week. Over the years the PTO has given them bagels,scratch off lottery ticket,plant,luncheon and a card signed by each child to their teacher. Hope these ideas help.
24 years 2 weeks ago #67703 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation

We sent home a letter to each household with a form attached. The form was "I think my teacher is special because . . ." and we asked the kids to fill them out and send them back to school. We asked each teacher not to peek but just put them in the envelope we provided. When all are back we will compile into a booklet to present to each teacher during their Teacher Luncheon which the parents make 100% of the food for.
Hope this helps.
24 years 3 weeks ago #67702 by Carolyn R
Replied by Carolyn R on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
I agree with Berneunionpto, to keep it simple. I know they need stuff for the classroom, but to Thank them on a more personal level, to let them know how much we appreciate THEM personally seems to be appreciated alot. We expect so much from our teachers professionally, it's nice to let them know that WE KNOW that it takes a special person to do what they do every day. The suggestions for things for their breakroom or serving/providing meals have always been received well.
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