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Why can't we use schools tax exemption?

13 years 2 months ago #129134 by Shawn

FB PTA MOM;129120 wrote:
To sum it all up...PTO is for your school & your school only and it is accountable to the school district. PTA is for all children - your schools and others and has resources to help members and officers both locally, state wide and nationally.


Agreed Tim- dead wrong- NO PRIVATE 501c3 is accountable to anyone but its members. Not that the school or others cant make life hard and miserable (as a PTA member, I could blow off State and Natl (other than that dues isuue- if a PTA wanted)

As for her children quote- I've made enough people mad and wont even go on about how ridiculous that statement is. (but then again the PTA Natl Pres or CEO only wants grassroots lobbyist in its org :) according to quotes)

PTA/PTO the moniker or acronym doesnt matter (Their ALL about the children- each in their own) way to say any different... well would just be ridiculous (my 3 and 5 yr olds word of the day)

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3 years 4 months ago #171686 by Bonnie Thornal
Replied by Bonnie Thornal on topic Why can't we use schools tax exemption?
Because you aren't the school, and that would be tax fraud. Sort of like, if we are both business owners and the businesses are unrelated, you have tax exempt, I don't - and you allow me to use your tax exempt certificate. We're both paying restitution, and probably doing jail time. It might seem like the school and your organization are related, but they are separate and individual entities. just like you can't use my driver's license to get out of a ticket, and I can't cash your social security check, PTO can't falsely insinuate that they are the school. You want it this way, though. You want your board, and your board only, to decide how the business of your not-for-profit is handled. Another example of why you can't use their tax exempt: taxation (exemption) without representation. lol! If they can't control your organization, or make decisions for it, then it's because the two of you are separate organizations, therefore - again - tax fraud if you elude taxes that the state has yet to exempt you from. What if the state decided to deny you tax exempt status and in using the school's status, thousands of tax dollars had gone unpaid; had been EVADED... get the difference yet? the lines here are much fuzzier, but if you consider it in black and white, it's easier to comprehend. Only items that the SCHOOL purchases for the SCHOOL'S resale and use can be exempted from tax fees under the SCHOOL'S exemption status
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