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Why can't we use schools tax exemption?

17 years 5 months ago #127749 by MIami
i HAVE READ a lot about both groups. Do PTA's make you do certain fundraisers or only so many? Do they govern over all you do? Do they take any of your profit other than dues? Can you tell me down falls for both PTA and PTO's. I know the PTA are really into politics that don't always share the same views of everyone, plus I know about dues, but why are so many quiting them? I want our group to make a good decsion when we decide if we should be a PTO or PTA.
17 years 5 months ago #127748 by MIami
My question is why can't we use our schools tax exemption status? Does this hurt any op's on Grant money? How did any of these PTO's start without any funds and pay for their tax exempt status? Our group has had only one meeting and at our next meeting we will be trying to figure out if we want to be a PTA, PTO, PTSO, or PTO.
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