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Help in Changing from a PTA to a PTO

12 years 6 months ago #139498 by Run1
Replied by Run1 on topic RE: Help in Changing from a PTA to a PTO
Can you explain the differnce between a PTO and PTA?
12 years 6 months ago #139499 by Rockne

PTO Today Founder
12 years 3 months ago #140925 by Run1
Replied by Run1 on topic RE: Help in Changing from a PTA to a PTO
I've been reading this thread and several others relating to dissolution of a PTA and the vote required to dissolve. In another thread Tim suggested that the requirement for a 2/3 vote probably refers to 2/3 of the members present, assuming there is a quorum. Illinois PTA bylaws (which local PTAs are required to include, verbatim, in their local bylaws) state that the vote to dissolve must be by 2/3 of the membership:

"d. Approval of dissolution of <name> PTA shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the membership. The District Director or designated representative of the State Board of Managers shall be invited to this meeting." (Article XIII, Section 8).

Our membership is approximately 200 families, but an average meeting will have 30-40 members in attendance. With a total school population of about 275 families, it's hard to imagine that we could get approximately 130 members to attend any meeting.

Have other PTAs encountered this problem? Other possibilities might be proxy voting, for paper "absentee" ballots, neither of which are specifically addressed in the bylaws. Please advise!
12 years 3 months ago #141347 by speechmom
Our school is considering the change and I've appreciated all the information I've found on this website. We're still trying to figure out exactly how to do things, but after looking at our PTA bylaws we're thinking it might be easier to get a PTO set up with its non-profit status and bank account and bylaws and then let our PTA "die out" rather than going through the red-tape of disbanding officially. If we do not have 15 members, 3 board members, and pay our insurance then PTA will pull our Charter. In our bylaws (we're in CA), it states that otherwise we would need to hold two meetings with a District representative present to "counsel and guide" us---in other words to try to talk us out of it. The vote would have to wait at least 60 days, and even then the State level PTA would have to approve our disbanding with a 2/3 majority. If your charter is pulled, the PTA assets (bank account, etc.) are taken over. But, if our PTA makes a large donation to the school prior to that time and does no further fundraising then there is nothing for them to seize. I guess I just have to hope we can get all our timing worked out to make it all happen smoothly.
12 years 3 months ago #141354 by Run1
Replied by Run1 on topic RE: Help in Changing from a PTA to a PTO

I am also in California and a president of a unit PTA. At the urging of many in our unit, including our Principal, we too are looking into disbanning our PTA and becoming a PTO. Where have you found information on doing this?
12 years 3 months ago #141363 by Run1
Replied by Run1 on topic RE: Help in Changing from a PTA to a PTO
If you are a PTA, everything you need to know about disbanding is writing your local unit bylaws and your state bylaws. If you do it step by step, it is pretty easily done.
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