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We converted, now a question!

13 years 6 months ago #154940 by Christain Tolly
Replied by Christain Tolly on topic Re:We converted, now a question!
There is no formal desolution. I would suggest you send a letter to the council/district (if your local PTA was part of a council/district) and the state pta letting them know the PTA has dissolved.
13 years 6 months ago - 13 years 6 months ago #154880 by Rockne
I've never heard the question asked that way. Nor have I seen any timing or deadlines on that.

Are you waiting on anything from state PTA? In most cases, the dissolution happens last and the dissolved group doesn't care too much if state PTA does its remaining business in 2 days or 200 days.


PTO Today Founder
13 years 6 months ago #154878 by Aelyn
We converted, now a question! was created by Aelyn
How long does the state PTA office have to close out our books and finalize the dissolution of our PTA? As usual, cannot get a straight answer from them. Thanks!
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