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Local unit threated by State PTA over PTO plans

12 years 7 months ago #158418 by PTA School and Lovin' IT
Replied by PTA School and Lovin' IT on topic Re:Local unit threated by State PTA over PTO plans
You must be in a completely different area than I am. We are just getting PTA's going in our area. PTA allows me to help advocate for my child on state issues even when I can't be there. Does someone in your local school do that for you or your student or do you let the PTA do it?

Does your PTO have insurance?? I hope so, it would be a huge detriment to be sued by a parent because they got hurt at a function and then you lost all your money.

Does your local school have the ability to train and find new ideas and programs, or do you just find PTA sites and get the information that way.

Just curious, I don't mind spending $7-$10 for lunch, so really is paying that for a yearly membership really that bad???
12 years 7 months ago #158299 by Rockne
Hi wpto -

Sounds like you did fine. Just as an FYI for others reading this thread: certainly, having your accounts down to near zero is the simplest way to avoid any potential financial claims. But it's important to note that the "all your funds will belong to us" claim from state is not accurate. It's a threat without teeth. If you wound up disbanding with funds remaining, 1) your responsibility would be to the IRS (and closing your funds out per their regulations); and 2) your officers would still be the signers on the bank accounts, etc. (state PTA could not go to the bank and take your funds or the like).


PTO Today Founder
12 years 7 months ago #158298 by wpto29
I had the same thing happen! I followed state by-laws and provided PTA with 30 days notice of the vote to disolve. I provided my email and phone and never heard one word from them. One hour before the meeting time the PTA rep called me and said she was waiting at our meeting!! I couldn't believe it. Then she started telling me that every bit of the money in our account belongs to them and the tone of the conversation was threatening. Luckily, we did our homework and ensured our funds were down to close to zero before we voted.
12 years 7 months ago #158228 by anonymous
Could you pls share what Atlanta area school you are from? I am curuous who was successful setting up a pto in this area.
12 years 8 months ago #158033 by Barbara Watson
Replied by Barbara Watson on topic Re:Local unit threated by State PTA over PTO plans
Please don't give up! We were threatened by the PTA also and didn't give in. We are able to do much more for the children as a PTO than we ever could as a PTA. Tim is right, keep working for the kids. The PTA is a lot of talk, they can't take your money. Actually, if you don't sign anyone up they will have to let your unit just die. They are a union and will use union thug tactics. Changing to a PTO was the best move we ever made at our school.
12 years 8 months ago #157975 by Rockne
Hi OSL --

First -- deep breaths. Honestly, don't let this small drama get in the way of volunteering and doing the good work you are dedicated to.

Your message leaves a lot of blanks (example: I can't tell exactly what you did last year regarding changing from PTA to PTO or where you stand legally), but I can tell you that the state PTA can't freeze your accounts. They're not signers on your bank account and have no authority there to the best of my knowldege.

Similarly, the state PTA representatives when they are at your school are your guests, not your bosses and not the police. Not sure why they are showing up unannounced (if that's the case) or speaking publicly if not on an agenda. You local folks do have the ability to manage that or not allow it to happen. Just as you have the ability to not answer a phone or politely hang up a phone, if a caller isn't polite.

Sounds like maybe you didn't follow a disbanding process exactly as state PTA would have liked perhaps. But if you haven't paid dues and you haven't had a PTRA membership drive, then i'm guessing you either aren't a PTA already or won't be one shortly. Keep focusing on doing the good work that you and your felow volunteers want to do. You won't get in trouble volunteering for your school or supporting your teachers.


PTO Today Founder
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