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help dissolving our PTO

11 years 4 days ago #163750 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic Re:help dissolving our PTO
Hi Monique -

It doesn't sound to me that you need to worry as much as you are. The state PTA doesn't get to approve of your dissolution. They can't make you stay a PTA. They have the ability to kick groups out of PTA, but not the opposite.

Depending on your bylaws and the state bylaws, the state PTA may question if you dotted every I correctly or crossed every T. But at this point -- even that stuff is moot.

When you're ready, I'd send a short note informing state of your change and thanking state for past service and wishing state good luck in the future. The fact is that many dissolving units never even do that -- state finds out when dues stop coming in and a few phone calls are made.

Key thing -- whether you're a PTA or a PTO -- is to keep your focus on the good work and the kids and your school and not to get too caught up in the bureaucracy. Sounds like you're doing that.


PTO Today Founder
11 years 5 days ago #163745 by monique
Replied by monique on topic Re:help dissolving our PTO
the title SHOULD read help dissolve our PTA!!!!
11 years 5 days ago #163744 by Monique
help dissolving our PTO was created by Monique
We are changing from a PTA to a PTO - we have already made sure that there was a 30 day notice to our 11 members that we have...held a meeting where the 8 members present voted unanimously to dissolve, recorded it in our minutes along with the effective date - immediately, decided which 501(c)3 would receive our funds after we pay our outstanding bills and their tax verification, printed newsletters where info meeting dates where discussions were held were posted,

i need help drafting an appropriate letter to PTA here in Wisconsin to hopefully be approved of this. I had no idea it was this difficult and a hassle... seems like this is wrong on so many levels for us to have to go through all this work to only try to better our schools.

I just basically need some guidance as I am nervous this will not be approved!!
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