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How to define PTA to non-native English speakers

10 years 7 months ago #164456 by Rose H
Hi ttruher,

You can include a statement that your parent group is an independent organization that is led by parents to support students and the school community. Studies show when parents are involved, their children do better in school. The PTA is providing parents an opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

(too long?)

Rose C.
10 years 7 months ago #164441 by ttruher
Hi --

We have large communities of non-native English speakers in our school. These are highly educated families who have moved here directly from China, Japan, India, Korea, etc.

I need a quick one-liner (or two) for what PTA is. This is a public school so it's difficult to explain why private donations are needed for public schools. I don't need the official membership pitch, just a quickie explanation for why I say money goes to PTA instead of money goes to XX school.

In my fundraising marketing, I include the below message but there must be something out there to help someone understand who this PTA is that they are giving their money to. Or is that detail not really important as long as they understand the money goes to benefit the kids at the school?

California ranks 49th in the nation on per-student funding. Your donation to Fairmeadow’s PTA helps to fill the gap so we can continue to offer our kids a robust education and an engaging, safe school environment.
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