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Should 3 elem schools PTOs merge?

9 years 10 months ago #166013 by Rockne
WLSC -- what are your fears on this. I've seen it work for sure.

I often caution against merging, say, a K-5 with a 6-8 because 1) the younger school is likely to contribute a lot more of the volunteers and support; and 2) the needs and constituencies are quite different between the two, making conflict almost inevitable.

But the splits you're talking about make a combo a decent idea. With three schools of just a couple of grades each, continuity is going to be a major problem for each, and you'll be looking for, maybe 15-20 officers out of 6 grades of parents. Do you really want the k-2 school having a gift wrap sales at the same time the 2-3 school is having a cookie dough sale and the 4-5 school is selling candles? Many, many parents will have kids in all of those grades.

Same goes for events and activities. I'd much rather see a really great big spring carnival for k-5 over 3 different just OK spring outdoor events. Ya know?

My $0.02


PTO Today Founder
9 years 10 months ago #166011 by WLSC
Should 3 elem schools PTOs merge? was created by WLSC
Hello there. I am a new president for our towns k/1 school. I am just finding out that the 2/3 building and the 4/5 grade building want to merge parent groups. From what I understand, they are wanting to have one overall board with each school being a subcommittee. I fear many things with this set up but thought I would probe those who have gone before me to see f there are any out there that could state some pros and cons they would see. I really appreciate the input as I will need all the hop I can get to defend my decision. Thanks!
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