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New PTO, Old PTA, Different EIN

7 years 2 months ago #171840 by Rose H
HI Jenn,

You are really better off to start the new group with a new EIN and a fresh start. If the old group is dissolved, it no longer exists. Are you thinking there are unpaid debts or something else of that nature with the old group?

7 years 2 months ago #171834 by JennCece
Hey All. I'm part of a new PTO for our school district. We are dealing with setting up our EIN. There used to be a PTA for our district but they have dwindled to nothing. There is a bank account and an EIN for the old PTA entity. If we set up a new EIN, as we are a completely new and separate PTO entity with no connection to the old PTA, are we legally responsible to close out the old PTA accounts? Our PTO President has been in contact with the old PTA President regarding the existing EIN number and account (in hopes of transferring the existing EIN to our PTO) but has not been given any of the information to be able to access the old bank account, much less close it and transfer the EIN. Again, if we get a new EIN as we are a new and different group, are we legally responsible for anything regarding the old, and dissolved, PTA? TIA!!!!
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