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Ending PTA with short time to start PTO

5 years 2 months ago #173041 by Liz L
Hi there - this article has great information on making the PTA to PTO switch, including about financials:

Good luck. Liz from PTO Today
5 years 2 months ago #173032 by Anonymous
Ending PTA with short time to start PTO was created by Anonymous
Our school has started the formal steps to leave PTA but has not begun setting up a PTO. We are technically PTA members until the end of Sept so we were told by council we have until then to set up the PTO and do a 1 time money donation from the PTA 501c3 to the PTO 501c3. Is this true? Also, if we are not set up by Sept 30th can we just have a few people rejoin our PTA so we don’t loose our assets?
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