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Changing from PTA to PTO

7 years 1 week ago #171830 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic RE: Changing from PTA to PTO
Hi there,
The bullying should not be happening. You and your members have the right to make a decision. Just make sure to follow a process to allow all points of view on the table. Do what is best for your community.

7 years 1 week ago #171823 by B.
Replied by B. on topic RE: Changing from PTA to PTO
The bullying part is absolutely true. We just started a discussion at our school. They have threatened us and scared us to death. Get your money in order and any complance issues (they will find one in any possible manner) even before you begin the discussion. Make sure that the principal and teachers will support you 100%.
23 years 8 months ago #74849 by Patti
Replied by Patti on topic RE: Changing from PTA to PTO
I am a little late. I just found this web site. I am in PTO and the only dif-ference I have been able to notice is the independence; as you said. The money raised
stays in our district and not sent somewhere else. I think that the PTA's are great. They have been around longer than PTO's (I believe)and are helping all schools with problems in Washington. We, as PTO's, can help in our town, in our schools where it is also needed. If we were to send the money we raise as well then the schools would be back where they started. I do not know what is required to switch but I think that if you have someone who you talk to about PTA stuff (for lack of a better word at the moment)such as where to send dues, etc. that they should be able to help you. I have heard that sometimes they try to bully you into staying PTA but if switching is what you want. Do it! I do not know if the "bully" part is all together true this is just what I heard. We are all in it this for our children and for those to come. Hope this helps some.
23 years 9 months ago #74848 by
Changing from PTA to PTO was created by
We have a parent meeting coming up and are looking at changing from a PTA to a PTO. No one seems to be sure of the differences other than where the money gets spent. I have been having problems finding out exactly the difference in the two and would like some help so I know what I am talking about during the meeting. Also I need to know how to do the change over and what is required to set up the PTO if that is what is decided. I thank anyone who could be of assistance to me in this.
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