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PTL vs PTO vs PTA vs...

20 years 11 months ago - 9 years 11 months ago #75573 by KC Swan
Replied by KC Swan on topic RE: PTL vs PTO vs PTA vs...
I'm not sure what PTL stands for...last time I saw it, it was Jim & Tammy Faye's Praise The Lord show. I hope it doesn't involve all the mothers putting makeup on with a trowel. :)

PTA is a specific organization, also sometimes known as PTSA. If it starts "PT" and ends "A", it's the PTA. If it ends "Barnum", it's a circus. If it ends "Cruiser", it's a car. Just about anything else is a parent-teacher group that is not affiliated with the PTA.

Non-PTA groups can choose whatever name they want, and some may choose a specific designation to express some underlying philosophy. There was even an on-line poll here last year about what names different groups choose.

20 years 11 months ago #75572 by SueMac
PTL vs PTO vs PTA vs... was created by SueMac
My children's elementary school as well as the town Middle School are "PTLs". There are other elementary schools in town that are PTOs. The PTA issue is becoming clearer... What about PTO vs PTL? Thanks!
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