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Walkathon? Readathon? Money concerns

16 years 10 months ago #134329 by northeastmom
We hold ours during school hours, we split our kids by grade levels into 2 groups so it is not too crowded, one group walks the am, the other in the afternoon. We make our own cards (these are sent home after so donations can be collected based on lap #) to safety pin to each walkers back with their name/grade and numbers to be crossed off by volunteers when the kids make a lap. Volunteers help with each grade level so all kids don't have to stop at one area to get their laps marked, they stop at the lap counters for their grade level. We play music and give out bottled flavoerd water (or lemonade in cups in past years) and snacks. This year was popsicles that matched our theme, in the past fruit etc. We also make our own packets with an info letter and a sheet for pledges (per lap or set amt) atteched to a manilla envelope for colecting money. We also give tickets for every $5 collected to be used in prize drawings. We get $$ from 2 local banks and some from our PTO. Everyone at the school gets a free T-shirt with that years design all donated from a local bank.
16 years 10 months ago #134279 by mblaesing

unregistered;134218 wrote: At the chance of sounding like a complete dummy, how does a walk-a-thon work?

We did this way. Each class actually walked for 15 minutes around a field at the school. We have 4 stations set up with different colored balloons. We printed name tags for all the kids with a color of one of the balloons.

We had a schedule that included time to get the class to the field, stretching, running/walking and counting the laps. We had a volunteer at each station with a huge bag of rubber bands. As each kids passed their color balloon they got a rubber band to put around their wrist. It worked out each volunteer had to watch only about 7-8 kids at a time.

Then when time was up, they lined up and we counted the rubber bands and wrote that on their collection envelope. While the kids were running, we had other volunteers putting a bottle of water and a snack on the kids desks.
16 years 10 months ago #134235 by dlf
Besides--if they want the space--they ought to pay Tim for it. This is a business too ...
16 years 10 months ago #134233 by Pres Again!
Replied by Pres Again! on topic RE: Walkathon? Readathon? Money concerns
Looks like distributors are back to using these boards for free advertising.

Jeremy Lester of Full Harvest Fundraising has posted 2 free ads today. Let's make sure we DON'T support distributors and suppliers violating the PTO board rules.

We certainly don't want all the distributors using this game
16 years 10 months ago #134218 by Pres Again!
Replied by Pres Again! on topic RE: Walkathon? Readathon? Money concerns
At the chance of sounding like a complete dummy, how does a walk-a-thon work?
16 years 10 months ago #134206 by JRL369
Hey There!

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Thanks so much,

Jeremy Lester
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