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16 years 9 months ago #136290 by Scooter Mom
Replied by Scooter Mom on topic RE: Newbie!!!
Go to
16 years 9 months ago #135977 by Schroeder
Replied by Schroeder on topic RE: Newbie!!!
There are tons of grant sites out there. One that I have found useful is:
16 years 9 months ago #135948 by OneandOnly
Replied by OneandOnly on topic RE: Newbie!!!
Lowe's Toolbox4Education
Hamburger Helper
Target - parents designate your school on their credit card so you will receive rewards for their purchases
Staples - give your membership your account number and you will receive a reward for every $50. in purchases made

If you search on this site using Grants as your keyword, you may also find others that have been utilized by schools

Doing it for my one and only ~~ my son!
16 years 9 months ago #135924 by adthomas2006
Newbie!!! was created by adthomas2006
Hey everyone I just joined and am in need of some major help. I have some how volunteered myself for a new position for our PTO. I am in charge of finding and applying for grants. However, I assumed most would be some form of a short application and maybe a 1 page paper telling how we would use the money. Much to my surprise the one's I have looked at feel like college term papers!!! Are there grants out there specifcally for small organizations like PTO or do I need to put my college degree to good use??

Thanks for ANY help,
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