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Coffee Fundraiser

16 years 5 months ago #140290 by Coffee
Replied by Coffee on topic RE: Coffee Fundraiser
I am the parent coordinator of our high school's parent organization. I came on this board back in September looking for a great fundraiser that the school has never done and I ran across the information on coffee. I have been working closely with K&S Enterprises out of Texas on our fundraiser. Mitch Johnson has been great!!! He sends you samples to try (which my husband and I have truly enjoyed) and all the information for free.

Our parent organization is VERY excited about this one. And, for those skeptics on the board, $10/pound (with a 50% profit to the organization) is a very good incentive. Coffee in the Eastern US is at that right now anyway so I don't think that we are going to have a problem with this one. I will post our results when we are done this spring.
16 years 5 months ago #140134 by Critter
Replied by Critter on topic RE: Coffee Fundraiser
I'm stunned by the numbers "coffee talk feedback" shared. We would typically stay away from such a narrow fundraiser. Usually, those don't generate enough funds to make them worth the effort. We'd rather do one annual fundraiser and not pepper our parents with a bunch of optional programs. But $10k is pretty good money.
16 years 5 months ago #140061 by Skj
Replied by Skj on topic RE: Coffee Fundraiser
I don't think you have checked the prices of coffee in the grocery store or starbucks lately(4.00 a cup), it is running any where from $9.00 to 12.00 for only a 12oz bag of gourmet coffee.

Many people did pay the 10.00, and are calling us to buy more, we may run it again this spring.
16 years 5 months ago #140013 by Coffee
Replied by Coffee on topic RE: Coffee Fundraiser
I doubt at $10 a pound we would sell much coffee. I LOVE coffee and support my PTO but I would NOT pay that much for a pound of coffee.
16 years 6 months ago #139640 by Coffee
Replied by Coffee on topic RE: Coffee Fundraiser
Here's one, we did one with small group of 250 children and it went over so easy. We did I think about 2500 pounds and raised a little over 10,000 dollars. The company was very very good, everything was taken care of and they gave us samples to pass out to the PTO. If your going to do coffee these are the folks. The coffee is unbeleivable good. I heard another comment through the message board that someone else used them and it went well. go to ( Right Coffee Fundraiser, Pto, Schools, Teams, Booster Club Fundraising, Gourmet Coffee ) I think it is K&S Enterprises. Hope I'm right with this info, I will check and repost if I am wrong
16 years 6 months ago #139556 by HFAmom
Replied by HFAmom on topic RE: Coffee Fundraiser
We just used the Coffee Beanery for our fundraiser. Fundraising with Coffee Beanery
The profit is 50%. Our order is scheduled to be shipped in a few days. So far everything has run smoothly.
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