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Help!! Need new cookie dough company

16 years 7 months ago #139659 by Rockne

PTO Today Founder
16 years 7 months ago #139656 by todda
Where are you located?
16 years 7 months ago #139598 by Metalmom71
Hi everyone,
I'm a fairly new Co-president of the Parents Organization (elementary school).......and I'm also Co-fundraising coordinator for my younger son's preschool.
It's my last year at the preschool, so I'm not really concerned so much about the preschool cookie dough.....but next year I will still be the PO president of the elementary school, and we are wanting to switch our cookie dough company after our experience this year.
It's unfortunate, since we LOVE the dough....however we were not happy with our customer service AT ALL this year, so we want to switch. I considered using the company we use at my younger son's preschool, but the dough isn't as good as the dough at the elementary school. The preportioned pieces are much smaller, and there's not as much of a selection.

We are looking for something pre-portioned, with dry mix, and possibly coffee cakes (like we have now). Mostly I just want something that tastes good, has decent sized cookie dough portions, and that we get a decent percentage off of what we sell.
Does anyone have a cookie dough company they would highly recommend???
Something you make a large amount of money off of and is also good quality?
Thank you!!
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