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Help!! Need new cookie dough company

16 years 6 months ago #139898 by Skj
There is always cookie dough company's out there one is Blue Ribbon. We have done very good with a coffee fundraiser, we did a stand alone and then we ran it beside a cookie dough. I went very well, we did not canabilized sales offering both items, we actually increased sales. We just got all of our totals in, we did $38,000.00 in coffee and dough, I believe we were at 60% dough and the other 40% was coffee. Check them out at, they were great support, Good luck!!
16 years 6 months ago #139895 by PTO13348
Cookie Dough is a great fundraising event! Take a look at a number of companies in your area and ask them for samples. Nearly every company will offere a cookie dough program. The secret is that only a few companies make it and sell it to everyone else.
16 years 6 months ago #139748 by AggiePenny
Reader's Digest also does cookie dough and it is a big hit at our school.
16 years 6 months ago #139746 by lazybonzes
Forget all the calories and fat from cookies and candy and give a try
16 years 6 months ago #139734 by th243
We just did a fundraiser with Otis Spumkmeyer Cookie Dough. It is Pre-portioned, frozen nuggets that make it easy to bake. They also have brownies,pretzels,and reduced fat,sugar free options. Our school ran it along with the Kathryn Beich and we did great. Here is their website Kathryn Beich :: Something for Everyone! | fundraising, confections, candy, Christmas, Spring, Katydids

Good Luck!
16 years 6 months ago #139725 by notsettlin
Replied by notsettlin on topic RE: Help!! Need new cookie dough company
I have found that Jaxco industries JAXCO Industries - Field Day T-Shirts, Screenprinting, Fundraising Programs, Embroidery & Promotional Products has an excellent cookie dough brouchure, they get their cookie dough from Pine Vally Foods which is a company in Tn. They have great customer service and the product is awesome. I just signed up with them to run their cookie dough program this spring and they gave me an addtional promotion kind of like a sign on bonus. I got x amount of credit for T-shirts, that I can use for staff, my pta shirts or just extra gifts to the higest seller. We also used them this past fall for our regular fall fundraiser and I can tell you, I have never had it so easy. I practically did nothing but sign the contract. Plus, they increased our profits by 50%. I was so happy I chose JAXCO. Look at their website, you'll get some really neat ideas. Good Luck.
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