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Garage Sale

15 years 6 months ago #147125 by Looneylisa
Replied by Looneylisa on topic RE: Garage Sale
We had a Mom to Mom sale last year in May. It went pretty well. We rented booth spots for $20.00 and had it at the local park. We were able to get some inflatable bouncy things donated for the day. We also had a few booths of our own, like Go Fish and Face Painting. We charged for the bounce and we charged for tickets for the other games. We sold water and popcorn. We made an okay amount. Not Fabulous, but okay. It did take a lot of volunteer time for setting up the garage sale items that were donated and pricing. Think about that and whether it's worth your time. We are still deciding on whether to do it again.
16 years 3 months ago #141350 by djbhmwhite
Replied by djbhmwhite on topic RE: Garage Sale
We really looked into doing it this year, and decided it was too much work for un unsure profit, would love to know about others though???
16 years 3 months ago #141308 by FoxMom
Replied by FoxMom on topic RE: Garage Sale
In Michigan, we have what's called mom2mom sales.
We usually have the sale on a Saturday-- where we rent tables or a space to moms and dads-- and they bring in items such as clothes, toys, books, outdoor toys etc... and they resell them to shoppers.
Many moms come out looking for great deals on gently used clothes and toys... it's a win-win for both the school and parents. We also sell concessions during the event-- We can make between 1500-3000.00 from a sale.
And we a Fall and a Spring sale-- We charge 1.00 to customers to come into the sale- to off-set the cost of advertising and table rentals
16 years 3 months ago #141301 by me_n_rory
Replied by me_n_rory on topic RE: Garage Sale
Last fall we did a "yard sale". We did it the very easy way, we did not request donations etc. because of space constraints. What we did was rented out spaces for vendors to sell their items. Months ahead of time we advertised for vendors in local papers, online and posted notices in our local stores. We rented spaces for $35.00 a spot or 2 for $60.00. It was very successful, we had a large response and vendors ranged from "garage sale items" to artists etc. It was great and very little work for us. We then just sold snacks and drinks to our vendors and shoppers. We will definitly be doing it again. Let me know if you want more info.
16 years 3 months ago #141293 by mustang2
Garage Sale was created by mustang2
Has anyone ever put together a garage sale fundraiser?
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