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School Supplies

15 years 8 months ago #141534 by my2boys13
Replied by my2boys13 on topic RE: School Supplies
We have had GREAT success with EduKit. Their website is We went with them because they were the only one we found that guaranteed ALL name brand products plus in school delivery (I did not want to unload from a truck)!! We add a few dollars to the kits every year as a fundaiser. They also have 1 person that we work with the entire time, not calling a different person for every question.
15 years 9 months ago #141432 by peanut
Replied by peanut on topic RE: School Supplies
We use School Pak....and I cannot say how much I LOVE THEM!!! They are so easy, so organized!!! This is our 2nd year and I am so excited to run the program again. One of the easiest to do. We signed up with them because almost every school in SE Wisconsin uses them along with a ton in IL. Check out their website. I believe it is
15 years 9 months ago #141396 by Sant1457
Replied by Sant1457 on topic RE: School Supplies
What are some of the items that your teachers ask for?
15 years 9 months ago #141374 by annie23
Replied by annie23 on topic RE: School Supplies
last year we used innisbrook and were very happy with them. Our parents did not mind paying full price and we got 15% back.
15 years 9 months ago #141367 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: School Supplies
We do this ourselves via walmart. Get the current price list...set it up in May..and we get the sales prices that come out. We do the shopping and assembly (one weekend of the summer) and make about 1500 dollars from the effort. It is effort but the realities are significant. I have 4 children and frankly whatever they offered I would use, BUT knowing that i goes toward my child in the end makes me feel better about supporting the program.

2 people during the summer

15 years 9 months ago #141366 by jingolover
Replied by jingolover on topic RE: School Supplies
My school used EPI this year. They price matched our lowest offer, so we chose them. If we choose to do this again, we will use a different company. It took way to long to get our marketing materials and order forms, and we only had about 2 weeks before school was out to sell. I also had a lot of issues with our rep. We were missing items, and it took weeks for them to pick up our extra boxes. We didn't raise the price at all, because they were already quite expensive. Our Kinder box was about $50!
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