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School Supplies

15 years 9 months ago #141358 by rkidz
Replied by rkidz on topic RE: School Supplies
I'd like to hear feedback about some of these companies also.

Our school uses Innisbrook for this. We charge about a dollar more than the kit costs. We do get 5% back, but it was promoted late, and not promoted to incoming Kindergartner's last year.

I'm considering looking into EPI to see what their cost would be to us. I know we didn't bring in as much as what was expected this year. The cost for the 4th grade was outrageous. $45 for the kit. 5th grade was very reasonable $25. I'm not sure exactly why there was such a big difference. I know my daughter was told by her teacher to only bring to school certain things from the list, and that she may need some of them later, but we haven't been asked to bring more to school (except for lined paper in her notebook)
15 years 9 months ago #141356 by wilbrahammom
School Supplies was created by wilbrahammom
As a convenience to parents we are investigating pre ordering school supplies that parent's can purchase for their grade. There are 3 companies we are considering: EPI ( Educational Products, Inc. ), School Toolbox ( Primary School Supplies | School Tool Box ), and School Kidz ( Back to school with - Our prepackaged school supply kits, student body backpacks and bookwrapz will make school shopping hassle free . ). The supplies would come prepackaged by grade according to our school's required supplied list.

I'm curious if anyone has had a favorable/unfavorable experience with any of the above companies or has another company they absolutely love! Also if your school has done this before:

a. What has been the participation rate?
b. Did you increase the price of the package at all to treat it as a fundraiser beyond the percentage back you get from the company which is generally 4 to 5 percent.

Thank you!
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