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Fundraiser for peanut safe school

16 years 2 weeks ago #142852 by mdfr
Replied by mdfr on topic RE: Fundraiser for peanut safe school
We had 2 types of peanut free fund-raisers food and gift wrap we used a company that offered non- frozen cookie dough mixes and frozen pies from a peanut free facility. Also they have a unique brochure where they can remove all of the candy it is in the cneter portion and you get 55% profit on their big brochure if they deliver to the school no minimums. They also have home delivery and you get 50%...they were at the northeast pto shows...and we enjoy the unique programs. I am not sure if i am allowed to give the name but they are listed on the PTO today site...but you should call...or visit theier website. The company is FundTime inc. Good Luck
16 years 2 weeks ago #142735 by sunflowergal
Hi there...
Can you give me any information on how you became a Peanut free school? Was it initiated by a parent or staff or how??? I am trying to get our school district to go that route... they say they are a nut free school.... but they still allow outside things to come in.... like Peanut butter and such... Just VERY curious!!! Thanks!
16 years 1 month ago #142338 by SamsMom
My daughter's elementary school sent home a new fundraiser this year from Dolphin Bay Fundraising. It was a really cool concept - orders were placed online and shipped directly to the purchaser. The PTA was amazed at how easy it was and the school is still receiving proceeds from repeat orders even though the set fundraiser ended months ago. PS - My daughter's school is peanut and latex free and this program worked great for them.
16 years 1 month ago #142116 by mdfr
Replied by mdfr on topic RE: Fundraiser for peanut safe school
There are a couple of catalogs that have a varietal selection of product and allow you to pull ALL food product/ALL confection. Kathryn Beich is one such company. I am a Massachusetts rep. We have a fall catalog called the Trend Book specifically created to meet this need. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a catalog to view. Kathryn Beich :: Something for Everyone! | fundraising, confections, candy, Christmas, Spring, Katydids . Go to the rep finder and put in your zip code! You can call or email us to discuss or have a mailing sent out to you!
16 years 2 months ago #141940 by MareS
You can also do a jewelry fundraiser - PERFECT for the fall ;) I can give you more info if you like.
16 years 2 months ago #141879 by FoxMom
There are many companies that you can go with-- but I believe most catalog sales have some type of candy, chocolate or cookie in them-- so if you really want to be supportive or pro-active- you'll have to drop the catalog sale and go with something else-- magazine sales, walk-a-thon, Fair, or even restaurant nights.
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