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Fundraiser for peanut safe school

16 years 3 weeks ago #141866 by SS9
We did a portrait fundraiser last year, they gave our school 50% of the sales and no one had to sell anything.
16 years 1 month ago #141443 by mdfr
Replied by mdfr on topic RE: Fundraiser for peanut safe school
We do a Scholastic book fair in the Fall and Spring, Yankee Candle, Pizza Night (get a local pizza shop to donate pizza and families pay 3-4.00 for 1-2 slices plus salad and drinks, Movie Night, Originalworks (kids artwork is placed on mugs, shirts etc). Look online. There are TONS of fundraising ideas that don't involve peanuts or any type of food at all. Good luck!
16 years 1 month ago #141417 by PTOMomof three
We run a Spring fundraiser with the art note cards. We have thought about ripping out the pages, unfortunatly, two of the pages have great poduct on the opposite side. We did think of crossing out the pages. We have 550 students, it would be more work for the volunteer to do. (But it might be the only option) We also have discussed options with the vendor. They used to offer a catalog with out candy. They said that was not profitable for them.

Thanks for your ideas!
16 years 1 month ago #141416 by LUVMYKIDS
Have you thought of one of the art product fundraisers? These companies take the student's art work and turn it into mugs, magnets, t-shirts, etc. No food products at all.

Another option could be just to tear out/cross out the pages with the candy products if the vendor will allow you to do that. Many vendors of food products also offer different brochures based on what you want to sell at your school. Have you asked your current company about these options?

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
16 years 1 month ago #141415 by PTOMomof three
We are a peanut safe school for the past 2 years. The company we have used for many years offers candy. We can not have the candy in the school. The year before last a parent offered to distibute the candy from her home. It was more work for all. This year we tried a home delivery fundraiser. That was a night mare! We are looking for a company that has a candy free catalog.

I am hoping some one out there has had success, and can help us!!

Thank you
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