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Fun Run Theme???

16 years 1 month ago #142257 by FoxMom
Replied by FoxMom on topic RE: Fun Run Theme???
You could give the kids a chance to come with some of the obstacles they would be participating in, that would also build excitement about the event.... Maybe you could give a small medal to all that participate like the Olympic medals.-- like this theme, especially because of the timing with the actual Olympics.
16 years 1 month ago #142163 by mblaesing
Fun Run Theme??? was created by mblaesing
Do you have a theme for your Fun Run? This will be our third year doing the Fun Run. We still haven't hit the level of success we hear other schools have hit. So we are thinking about changing it up a little.

We were thinking about doing the Olympics as a theme. Maybe have a little obstacle course. Each class can make a flag. Somehow incorporate a fake torch into the program.

Any ideas to share?
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