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Santa Shops/Christmas Store's

15 years 10 months ago #143416 by CUPCAKE4
TREENET = I remember shopping at the santa secret shop when I was a kid. Great idea! My kids have bought me and other family some great gifts for little money at our shop. The company we used was great, no inventory either. They had a code system where the numbers on the items matched up with the numbers on the cash register. We just let them know how much % we want to make on the fair and they program it for us, what a breeze. We also use it as a service so we do not raise the prices that much. Then you do not have to do inventory because what ever price you raise it you know thats what you keep, simple! They had great incentives and cheap prices, if you want to check them out it was a company called A Small World Gift Shop. Happy to help
15 years 10 months ago #143384 by FoxMom
WE done our santa shop the last 5 years with parents purchasing the items and it's worked out great-- some years have had better than others- but the plus of doing it o your own is that fact that the kids are getting quality items.. we added an engraving station and a personalized ornament station-- these have been a big hit with everyone.
15 years 10 months ago #143383 by mseg16222
We are a small elementary school of about 320 students K-6. I have been in charge of Santa Shop for the last 2 years. I shopped along with 2 other parents for reduced items. I had our whole Santa Shop for this coming December done by January of this past year. I hit all the Thanksgiving and after Christmas sells. This year we hit Claire's, GAP, Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and a few others. The kids love it and so do the parents because there are some really nice items. I price everything and then keep it on a spread sheet. We do not do this for a fundraiser this is just so the kids can shop. This coming December maybe our last year to do it this way due to gas prices and no one wants to take it over. I may have to look into some of these companies.
15 years 10 months ago #143374 by mariahsmom
Replied by mariahsmom on topic RE: Santa Shops/Christmas Store's
The last two years our school has done the secret santa shop. One day when I was volunteering one of the teachers had mentioned to me that her son's school also does the santa shop but it is called:Pop The Top Santa Shop the website is: Holiday Fair In School Holiday Christmas Store
with this company the products are already pre-arranged in the boxes, when the boxes arrive all you have to do is arrange the boxes on the tables and pop the top. check the website out for more details. Another santa shop company I have heard about give's qualifing children financial aid money to spendin the santa shop. This company is Kids Korner Gift Shoppes website: KIDS KORNER GIFT SHOPPES FOR THE HOLIDAYS
I hope this will help you. Mary
15 years 10 months ago #143340 by treenet
Thanks so much for all the responses and info. I did find some companies through PTO Today and will look at the ones you all mentioned. I now have to decide which company is best to work with.
15 years 10 months ago #143317 by jrandklev
We didn't have to do inventory. It worked like a bookfair where you only paid a % of your sales. very easy. Not a big money maker but it is worth it for the kids smiles! We used
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