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Fundraiser Ideas

15 years 10 months ago #144126 by Hollikay
Replied by Hollikay on topic RE: Fundraiser Ideas
We have one big fundraiser per year, it is clled Invest in a Child. What we do is ask each
family to donate $100 per child. Families can give friends and relatives an explanation of the program and ask for a $10 donation. Families have held yard sales, car washes,
fruit stands etc.. to help raise their money. I really like not having to sell anything. Another
school near us does this but at $50 per child.
15 years 10 months ago #144104 by Big Country
Replied by Big Country on topic RE: Fundraiser Ideas
We had some kids at our school not particpate in the fundraisers which is fine. They brought in money donations and we treated it just like they sold something. They were given prizes just like the other children.
I'm trying very hard to not sell anything this year for a fundraiser but instead we are trying to have a chicken stew and bingo night.
15 years 10 months ago #144079 by Hickory Mom
Replied by Hickory Mom on topic RE: Fundraiser Ideas
In my son's baseball league we are given 2 options for the fundraiser. One is to sell candy bars the other is to opt out and pay $35 instead of selling candy. We have had so many families opt out that this year they just added the $35 to the sign up fee.

Has anyone done this for the PTO. Just ask parents to donate a specific amount per child? How do you feel about this idea? If you have done it, how was it recieved?
15 years 10 months ago #144075 by
Replied by on topic RE: Fundraiser Ideas
What we have have done for a fundraising idea at a local hotel we did a comedy show. We hooked up with a local entertainment agent and paid for the comics the hotel let us have the room provided we spent x amount on food and beverages. We paired the show with a silent auction and raised $9000 at one and $6600 at the other. The one we made $9000 at we had raffled a pair of Redsox tickets at and did quite well with them. Pro sports tickets can bring good money.

Anyway, I am looking to promote my new business and will give at least 25 free gift certificates to schools pto's needing donations worth $50.00 each to auction or raffles off. The only catch it has to be one per school, sorry. I know how hard it is to solicit donations in this economy. If anyone is interested contact me.

:) If anyone wants the details on how we did the comedy show I would be more than glad to tell you. We are doing our 3rd one in 2 weeks :). Thanks ,

15 years 10 months ago #144073 by Shannon1224
Replied by Shannon1224 on topic RE: Fundraiser Ideas
Lilly -

My daughter's school did a coffee fundraiser and they raised a ton of money. The bags of coffee are the same coffee used at a national chain of boutique coffee shops and the bags had the school name and logo on them. Everyone thought that was a great idea and really liked them. They have turned this into a continuous fundraiser and even sell the logo'd bags out of the office when they aren't doing a school-wide fundraiser. The company even pre-sorts all the bags of coffee for each student, so when it arrived at the school my daughter had her own package....I know this made it real easy on the PTA members. I can't give you a website because the company doesn't use a website...they do not want to be confused with all the catalog fundraisers/brokers on the internet. They have individual reps that help the school through the whole fundraising process. I can get the specifics from my PTA friend if you are interested.... Just send me a message.

15 years 10 months ago #144011 by Skj
Replied by Skj on topic RE: Fundraiser Ideas
Right Coffee Fundraiser, 100% Profit, Gourmet Coffee has a great coffee program that we used in the spring. Everyone one was very responsive to it, and it was easy to do.
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