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personalized Calendars

15 years 11 months ago #143590 by Cinema
Replied by Cinema on topic RE: personalized Calendars
If you google "personalized calendars" there are lots of companies that will come up. Here's one that you might like: Family Calendar - Create your own personalized calendar also, I believe you can do this at Walgreens online (under their photo tab), and maybe kinko's.

Are you saying that everyone who orders a calendar will provide their personal information (anniversary dates, birthdates, etc.) and then the PTO would input each family's info and order the calendar? I'm thinking your mark-up might have to be too high to make a profit because you wouldn't be ordering one type of calendar in bulk. It would be a separate order for each one. At least I think it would.
15 years 11 months ago #143558 by RN Lilly
I am interested in finding a company that deals with personalized calendars. An example would be a person buys a calendar and personalizes it with dates that are important to them. I would like to do this as a fundraiser for our school PTO. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts that would be great.
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