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Silent Auction display?

15 years 8 months ago #145122 by teapot100
I'm co-chairing the silent auction to take place in the spring and I want to get a headstart on things so I don't end up the night before and after exhausted like I was last year (I was *so* tired and suffering from lack of sleep that my pupils would not dilate that was so weird! Thank goodness I'm not doing it alone this year).

Anyone have some tried and true ways of displaying gift certificates alongside items? Would love to hear how you displayed things, what worked, what could have been done better, what equipment you might have used to display items, etc.

Last year we just had a long row of tables and we displayed items and certificates together on both sides of the table so people could just do one big loop around. We used tablecloths to cover the tables, a teacher lent us her book display stands to display some items. It was pretty bare bones!
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