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Salsa Fundraising???

14 years 9 months ago #149920 by Skj
Replied by Skj on topic RE: Salsa Fundraising???
We tried the Salsa, went great first time, then it fell off, we since have been running a coffee fundraiser, it continues to grow, we have done twice, this fall will be the third, try this company,
14 years 10 months ago #149845 by steve smith
14 years 10 months ago #149844 by steve smith
Replied by steve smith on topic RE: Salsa Fundraising???
Sounds great but who wants to put all that salsa in your garage?
Try looking into Welcome to an online program much like the Entertainment book but instead of a once per year book parent receive 2 emails per week about local and national discounts. No minimum amount of sales and you get 80% of gross sales. There is NO downside.
14 years 10 months ago #149832 by Jollymon
Replied by Jollymon on topic RE: Salsa Fundraising???
Well I just finished up the Salsa Fundraiser and my 28 Softball kids sold 848 jars making our profit $2,544. Not too bad and he told me that the second time, we sell, the sales usually double.
My wife's PTO is going to use them as a Super Bowl fundraiser.
14 years 10 months ago #149757 by Jazzey_Jane
Sounds Yummy, who doesn't love salsa. Does it have to be refrigerated?
14 years 11 months ago #149714 by kimamas
Replied by kimamas on topic RE: Salsa Fundraising???
The price seems right, and I like to think outside of the box myself. It's so easy to get tired of the same old fundraisers year after year.

You don't know if you don't try it...right?
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