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Help me choose a fundraiser

13 years 9 months ago #153341 by ptomomindy
Replied by ptomomindy on topic Re:Help me choose a fundraiser
Excuse me? Let's hear the name of this Ueber-fundraising company that will generate that type of $$$ in that short period of time....Pete.

(I hear a nice lil sales pitch comin!!!)
13 years 10 months ago #153336 by Pete Saccu
Replied by Pete Saccu on topic Re:Help me choose a fundraiser
A 750 kid school can easily raise between 25 and 50k within a 2 to 3 week period with a single fundraiser requiring minimal effort / volunteers and NO (Zero) expense to the school.
13 years 10 months ago #153277 by Callie
Replied by Callie on topic Re:Help me choose a fundraiser
Zap A Snack is a really good fund raiser, good food and great profits. The phone number is 800-795-0023
14 years 4 months ago - 14 years 4 months ago #150797 by tconnors
CD or DVD yearbooks are a great way to raise money. They're relatively cheap, easy to set up, and can be sold for a huge profit. You could easily make $20 off the sale of each yearbook. I use Yearbook Alive and think that it's great.

In any event, good luck! I know it can be tough to raise money these days.
14 years 6 months ago #149972 by FoxMom
I would say it depends on what you need to make out of a fundraiser--- some don't bring back as much as others-- Walk-a-thons/fun runs can bring in a lot or a little-- (we are a school of 600) we made 3,000 from our walk-a-thon-- this is what we projected, but no where near some of these other schools numbers-- We've done salsa before as well-- made 300.00-- Mom-2-Mom sales have been fantastic, especially with this economy-- we made 5,000 in 2 sales-- not much out of pocket cost and only need a handful of volunteers to run the event, it's all in the planning-- this also doesn't tax parents from the school and they reap benefits since they are selling their items for money as well-- go to if you want to see what it's about-- (maybe you've never seen a mom2mom sale before)- Michigan is big with these-- not all states are though.

Entertainment books have been great as well-- again it's coupons-- a great thing to offer in a tough economy-- we made over 5,000 last year during our sale-- spiritwear does ok, but not a supposed to be a big money maker though-- maybe 300.00 over the course of the year-- more of a service to the families-- we want them to promote school spirit with t-shirts, sweatshirts- without breaking their bank account. Good luck on what you chose-- there is a lot to pick from...
14 years 7 months ago #149886 by mykidsmom
Good luck with the salsa!
Cookie dough is flash frozen and in the three years and $40,000 we have lost one box to thaw--and it was my order!

Carnival is a great way to build community in your school and for families to met but it's a lot of work.

Never heard of salsa...may need to look into that one!

Now, have you looked at socks?
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