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Ideas for fundraisers

14 years 9 months ago #150760 by Jenn
Replied by Jenn on topic Re:Ideas for fundraisers
We tried a new fundraiser this month and it didn't go over nearly as well as we had hoped. We are concerned about "overloading" our parents with fundraisers - but need more money this early in the year to pay for some of our programs.

I am LOVING the send you teacher on vacation idea!

I'd like more details on the following if anyone can fill me in:


Race for Education

Spare A Dollar (we've thought of this before but others were concerned about money walking off... Does the money get sent as cash to school with the students?)
14 years 9 months ago #150738 by flmom2001
Replied by flmom2001 on topic Re:Ideas for fundraisers
It just astounds me that people use activities with teachers that involve being off the school campus as prizes!
Most of our teachers have been there for years, many for their entire careers, and a lot of them live right here in town, yet as a parent I still would be hesitant about allowing my elementary school student to go to their home or someplace else. Even the one teacher who I'm good friends with-I've only met her husband a few times, don't know her neighbors, there's no reason to think anything "wrong" would happen but why take a chance like that?

We have used activities with teachers as prizes but we restrict it to activities done on campus-Principal for a Day, Lunch with Ms Jones, etc.
That way not only do parents feel safer so do the teachers, because there is less possibility of false allegations and if someone gets hurt they are covered under the school's insurance.
14 years 9 months ago - 14 years 9 months ago #150731 by Dan Astran
Replied by Dan Astran on topic Re:Ideas for fundraisers
To raise funds this year we have planned two auctions and two 50/50 raffles.

The 50/50 raffles will run in sync with other planned activities. We had decent success with our raffle last Spring.

For the auctions we will focus on auctioning Extracurricular Activities with Teachers. For example, one item is Making Pizza at a teacher's home for 5 kids. On the opening bid, parents are asked to raise their auction cards if they are willing to bid $40.00. Several families will raise their cards. The auctioneer then asks those who raised their hands to keep their cards raised if they are willing to bid $50. A few families lower their cards. The bidding continues to increase by $10 or more until only 5 families remain. Each teacher donates their time in this way and some teachers are willing to donate more than one activitity.

This has proven successful in the past. It keeps costs low, requires little to no storage, increases volunteerism, and fosters interaction between families, faculty, staff, and students.
14 years 9 months ago #150725 by mommypres
Replied by mommypres on topic Re:Ideas for fundraisers
We did Club's Choice and loved it!!! Great experience in every way. Good products, flyer in Spanish and English, item's come sorted. No problems! They did the kick off assembly, they did the flyer sent home. Nice rep. I reccommend it!!!
14 years 9 months ago #150718 by pto mom
Replied by pto mom on topic Re:Ideas for fundraisers
I agree with Tim, building a PTO is not only about money but more about building a foundation. Get local businesses involved and they will stand by your side year after year! Build your numbers by offering volunteer workshops for "new" members. If you can adding a website to you pto is a great way to expand your groups mission.

Several of our local businesses have agreed to support a certain fundraising event each year and many are on their 14th year!! =)

Having good quality fundraisers is more important than having too many small ones.
14 years 10 months ago #150384 by nexgenmom
Replied by nexgenmom on topic RE: Ideas for fundraisers

We do green fundraising in our school. It is great. The organization Green New Earth ( Green New Earth - Home ) offer many fundraising options, such as their online store front and goody bags, plus they will help create new fundraising ideas and ways to maximize your earning potential.

Green fundraising is the new way to earn money in the schools plus kids really get involved because they too want to help the environment. We really did well with this new concept. It was an extremely positive experience and you get 40% of all the money made. Also, the products are all high quality, not junk and they are all environmentally friendly. Go green its worth it!
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