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Fundraising for School Library

5 years 7 months ago #172848 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Re:Fundraising for School Library
13 years 5 months ago #155547 by Amanda
Replied by Amanda on topic Re:Fundraising for School Library
Aside from the used book sale at the family picnic and carnival, our school has an annual Grandparent's Luncheon and during the luncheon, the library is chock full of books (picked by our librarian) that can be adopted.

The Grandparents come in before or after their lunch with their grandchildren and can adopt a book. After all the books are cataloged and entered into the system, a bookplate is placed inside and that student is the first one who gets to check out the book.

Our librarian also takes a picture of Grandma/pa and student and places it up on a "Wall of Gratitude" in the Library. Just last month she added 150 books to the library in 1 day and recieved enough in generous donations to purchase a ton more! The best part is that the kids are all so proud to be a part of giving back to their school!
14 years 3 months ago #152420 by Doug
Replied by Doug on topic Re:Fundraising for School Library
Try Usborne Books. They have a fantastic pledge based read-a-thon in which the students can earn 50% of their pledges in books while the other 50% of pledges can go to books for the library! It's one of the only fundraisers I know of in which 100% of all funds raised goes to the school. My wife is an Usborne rep in North Carolina, so I don't think she can help you, but I'm sure there is a local rep in your area who can. Also ask about thier Literacy for a Lifetime Grant. Great 50% matching program in you have other donations and want to spend them on books for the school/classrooms.
14 years 3 months ago #152304 by CMay2CK
We just had a book drive. Families donated used books that they no longer needed. We collected over 2,000 books. Granted, we had to sort through them and many were too worn or inappropriate, but it was well worth the effort.
14 years 3 months ago #152297 by Kelly Delos Tecler School PTO,
Replied by Kelly Delos Tecler School PTO, on topic Re:Fundraising for School Library
This is an issue at our school too. We have are normal fundraisers but as we all know that doesn't go to far. I have been trying to find grant money myself. However, I do have a very creative Idea a book party. I know that my children love books and I buy books continuously, ect. Magic tree house, goose bumps.....
My son will never part with his educational books but I am thinking what about a specific old fashion book raising. Have our PTO sponsor refreshments and entertainment. Free admission for every parent and or child who donates quality books and have a big donation barrel for a specific educational series. Its kind of a dreamy fun idea but with some in put from others I really think it could go. Get donations from outside vendors ( Free advertisement) make a big production perhaps call your local TV crew ( Free advertisement) your senators and or assemblyman. You could even do something like craft vendors rent out booths to benefit books. I am just spinning my wheels too. I know our school is a magnet school and we have magnet funding. I truly love the individual that has worked with our children but we our a school of Arts and education. They "Magnet management specialist" has come to our PTO to ask for $ 8000.00 to fund a magnet sign in front of the school. How I would love this money to go into the Library but its going up to vote and we have such a small group of members. We have spent approximately $1800.00 on books from funds raised. The parents in the school don't come to meeting, don't have a clue its really sad. I am sure that we hear this every where.
14 years 3 months ago #152295 by cassi9879
I have just learned that our school library has lost their book budget for at least two years.

Besides Scholastics does anyone have a program they use that has been successful in earning books for your school library? Or have you had success with any donation programs with publishers or other organizations?
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