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Amazon School Rewards program question

10 years 7 months ago #164519 by DKNI
Our new school principal brought this program to our school this year and it's great! a no-brainer! We already have over $300 since school started.

Can't wait for holiday shopping season!

Don't know anything about the book benefit - let us know if you find anything out!
10 years 8 months ago #164362 by O-mom78
This thread is kind of old. Is the amazon program still running? I can't seem to find anything.

Also, what is the link on the book benefit?

Are there any other companies that offer affiliate benefits?
10 years 9 months ago #164143 by ttruher
Here's what I don't exactly "get". Is the Amazon link that you put on your webpage a general Amazon logo/link? Or is it something steering people to specific products? The school websites I see show generic Amazon logo/link, but the program describes advertising specific products.

Do you only earn income if they buy specific products or for any purchase that started with that link?

We do eScrip but this would be our first time doing a program like this. Seems to me the "free money" by allowing people to earn money for the school doing something they already do is an easy boost to the school's fundraising efforts. Any other programs like this that you would recommend?
10 years 11 months ago #163870 by Allison M
Replied by Allison M on topic Re:Amazon School Rewards program question
FYI... from Amazon's site and confirmed on the phone....

Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, and Rhode Island are ineligible to participate in the Program.

This has to do with the tax laws in those states.
11 years 6 months ago #162123 by PTOvpLincoln
What is this technology that enable you to bypass using the link to get to Amazon?

I am working on setting this up for our school....

11 years 6 months ago #162100 by Jack Chiang
Replied by Jack Chiang on topic Re:Amazon School Rewards program question
We've developed a technology that helps my child's school automate the referral process so that parents of our elementary school don't need to go through the school or school PTA website first. We can go directly to Amazon and it will automatically add the school's referral ID for you. Makes it much easier to use!
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