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Fun Run, do it yourself or use a company?

12 years 2 weeks ago #161026 by Elisa
Our school just hosted its first Fun Run this month. We were fortunate enough to get help with a local shirt company who reduced the price of shirts for us. We received the shirts for $3.25 each and charged the children $5 for them-which included registration. We also received donations from local businesses for snacks (cheese sticks, string cheese, granola bars). Our local fire fighters came out and placed medals around our runners as they came through the finish line. The medals were only $1.25 per 12 pack at a local party store. All proceeds benefited our PE program.

Hope this helps! :)
13 years 2 months ago #157049 by parent73
Hi there!

Our school is acutally blessed with a 1/4 mile track. Our parent group raised funds for it years ago and it's been a great treat for this particular event. Additionally, it gets used for the bi-annual PE testing too!

If you don't have one, maybe could you partner with your middle school or high school for this event and use their's.
13 years 2 months ago #157037 by Nichole
Replied by Nichole on topic Re:Fun Run, do it yourself or use a company?
How do you set up your track or the place where the children will walk laps? Is it around the school. We do not have a sidewalk that is a complete circle around our school.
13 years 2 months ago #157016 by Liz T
Thanks again for all of the great info!! :)
13 years 3 months ago - 13 years 3 months ago #156460 by parent73
We hold this event immediately after school lets out (on a Friday) with all set-up happening during that school day.

The auction is done at the same time and has become more of a secondary activity since so many parents are just looking for something to do while their kids are running around in circles! ;)

A big item that has become a traditional at this event is a special reserved parking space for the following school year ... it went for more than $300 last year!
13 years 3 months ago #156459 by Liz T
Thanks so much for all of the info! Do you hold this during the day or at night? I would imagine it is a night thing with an auction? I have also heard of schools who hold their Fun Run during the school day.
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