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Online Fundraising Sites?

13 years 2 months ago #156909 by Mama2HRB
I used to own a large screen printing company and fundraising company that did many tee shirt sales.

The largest sales came from schools who merely handed out a sheet with hand drawn pictures of the items for sale with drawings of the logos on them.

The schools then photocopied the sheets and we put them in with the individual orders when finished.

It was a lot of work but the schools did really well with it.

I'm doing a free prescription discount card now that is doing even better. I no longer have the screen printing company.
13 years 3 months ago #156589 by parent73
Thanks for the reply! However, I just found a great online site for this: !! It does everything we need and even allows online sales of our shirts, registration for the event, etc. etc. etc.

The shirts are handled in house (design and sales), so we're good on that end.

13 years 3 months ago #156588 by
That depends ... do you already have your tee shirts created or are you looking for a company to make the t-shirts and host the platform? I know of a few companies that do online school stores that you can raise money with, but it would be a different platform if you already have the shirts. Can you clarify so I can give you the right feedback?
13 years 3 months ago #156445 by parent73
We're looking at using an online tool to take care of our tee shirt orders for an upcoming event. IF this tool could also collect flat donations as well, that would be great!

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
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