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Entertaiment Books- Custom Coupon Book Fundraiser

10 years 3 months ago #158029 by Jeff Shaydik
Replied by Jeff Shaydik on topic Re:Entertaiment Books- Custom Coupon Book Fundraiser
If you want a great coupon like fundraiser we offer one that has no cost to you, no product to ship and we save you 50-85% on groceries, dining, travel, shopping and much more. We are far more comprehensive than the coupon cards and books. We cover the whole USA. Contact Jeff at Netsavingslink to get a free sample 727-475-1894.
10 years 1 month ago #158856 by susanwolfe
The idea of the smaller coupon book is that it is more concentrated in the locale of the school. They are a bit easier for the kids to carry around & sell. The buyer still gets access to all of Entertainment's on-line coupons, just like if they bought the larger coupon book.

Entertainment is one of the few fundraisers out there that still offers 50% profit. I'd give it a try!
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