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Have you heard of United Fundraising, Inc?

6 years 10 months ago #171904 by FLPTA
Replied by FLPTA on topic Have you heard of United Fundraising, Inc?
Google "Jerry Cook - Cooks Air Conditioning in Lake City". Then Google "Mountain Top Ministries" - Cult in Lake City. Find out for yourself what these people are all about. Jerry Cook owns United Fundraising and Cooks Air Conditioning. Look at the complaints and lawsuits and previous convictions attached to "Ripoff Report" and Cumberland County records. Products are the worst in the industry and a disaster to run. Don't put yourself or your school thru this guaranteed nightmare. They state that their renewal % is 80% however their most recent audit showed 12%. The worst of the worst!!!
8 years 9 months ago #168389 by MS in Florida
Replied by MS in Florida on topic Have you heard of United Fundraising, Inc?
By the way, this question was asked by their own employee and answered by their employee! Notice that the time of the first response is the same as the question and the reference # is only 2 #s different! These people think they are smarter than everybody else, which is why they constantly engage in shady business practices!!! Stay away from these animals!!!
8 years 9 months ago #168388 by MS in Florida
Replied by MS in Florida on topic Have you heard of United Fundraising, Inc?
ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! We had to refund the money to our parents because we never received the tumblers! Another school in our area never got their packets so they had to cancel their sale. At the Florida state PTA Convention we spoke to many other schools that also had terrible experiences! They have a reputation in the fundraising business as THE WORST! From inferior products to children not getting their prizes, you name it and they do it! The owner also has an A.C. Repair company that has been investigated and punished by the State of Florida. They claim to have 80% renewal business but it is actually about 20% They also claim to be nationwide but they only have 4 - 5 employees at a time. They can't seem to keep employees very long for obvious reasons. Do your homework on this group and you'll run! I hope this helps!
9 years 2 months ago #167284 by Florida Public Schools
Replied by Florida Public Schools on topic Have you heard of United Fundraising, Inc?
Things have changed drastically for the worst with this company! Schools not getting their sales packets to start their sales, not receiving items that parents paid for, not answering their phones and not returning phone calls, not sending promised prizes for students, attempting to change the agreed upon commission percentage from 40% to 25%, not properly disclosing terms of the program agreement to schools, and actually firing employees in an attempt to avoid paying expenses and commissions. A very small company with many upset customers.
12 years 11 months ago #157709 by MP
Hi! Yes, I have heard good things about United Fundraising. They are a fairly young company and are well organized and run well. I think they bring a fresh approach and a vibrancy to an often stale industry. I really liked working with them,

I have also tasted the cookies and they are great! We used them at our Parents for Pastries night and they were the first item to go since they were so good. My wife liked the way they were packaged.

If you are facing a decrease in volunteerism like we are, you will love the convenience of United Fundraising who has everything ready to go. No more counting and packing-they do that in advance. I really like the fact that the cookie dough can stay out of refrigeration for a few weeks meaning you do not have to scramble for refrigeration on pick up day.

Hope this helps.
12 years 11 months ago #157707 by GR
Just wondering if anyone has heard of (or better yet... used) United Fundraising, Inc. They are based out of Florida but work all over the country. Would appreciate any reviews/advice!!! Thanks!
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