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Color Run Fundraiser?

5 years 1 week ago #173107 by Bri
Replied by Bri on topic Color Run Fundraiser?
check out Color Blaze.  They have color powder on their website for less than Amazon prices.
5 years 2 weeks ago #173106 by Matt Fisher
Replied by Matt Fisher on topic Color Run Fundraiser?
We do a combo of both liquid and powder dye, the powder is from chameleon colors on amazon, each runner gets a pack and they are about a dollar each.  Then we use the dye from Americolor, get the .75 ounce paste dye and mix with one gallon of water, you’ll get amazing color that so far has not  caused an issue coming off clothing or skin.  Don’t pay a company, they take so much of your profit.  We bought ten tank sprayers and have 3 stations and with an out and back course they will pass by each station twice for a total of 6 chances to get color.  
5 years 9 months ago #172763 by CHensel
Replied by CHensel on topic Color Run Fundraiser?
Hi all. Anyone can give advice on a color run where we only have 3 color stations? Technically not a 5k but a shorter run. How much powder do we get.? We have pre k thru 2nd doing a dash, followed by 3rd thru 5th with parents and siblings. Thanks!
5 years 9 months ago #172721 by Mercedes Rios Martinez
Replied by Mercedes Rios Martinez on topic Re:Color Run Fundraiser?
Hi, I'm thinking about a color run fundraiser at our elementary school as well. How did yours turn out 4 years ago?
5 years 9 months ago #172706 by kwb
Replied by kwb on topic Color Run Fundraiser?
Hi! I know this is an old thread but hoping someone might be able to help! We are hosting our first color run but are required (by our school and insurance) to do a liquid color run--a "color splash" rather than using color powder. Has anyone else done this? Any tips? I am trying to determine how many sprayers we need at each station, how much liquid color, etc. I would love any feedback, words of wisdom, and ideas from folks who have done this before. Thanks so much!
6 years 6 months ago #172227 by Jen Millen
Replied by Jen Millen on topic Re:Color Run Fundraiser?
go to They sell the powder and lots of great information on how to organize a fundraiser
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