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Graduation tshirt ideas

9 years 3 months ago #167280 by HuskyPride
Replied by HuskyPride on topic Graduation tshirt ideas
You need to shop around, or simplify your design if you are using more than one color. The more colors you use and the more locations (ie front, back, shoulder etc), the more expensive the shirts are. You might also consider doing a huge bulk buy of a shirt that has everything but the signatures printed on it and have the kids sign them in person with Sharpies at a party, that's what we did!
9 years 3 months ago #167273 by Laura Rowe
Replied by Laura Rowe on topic Graduation tshirt ideas
We just hold a little graduation get together and serve punch and cookies. In leu of a shirt you should just print a little memory book and have a autograph page kinda like a mini year book but just pictures of that grades year. Give the teachers a memory card for their camera and they can take pictures all year and then gather cards and print the pictures for the memory book. Much cheaper and something the parents will most likely keep.
9 years 5 months ago #166985 by Graduation t-shirts
Graduation tshirt ideas was created by Graduation t-shirts
Hello everyone -
Our pto at the end of the year buy t-shirts for 4th grade going into middle school and the 8th graders going into high school. We spend 1500 on 200 shirts. Looking to keep costs down or perhaps new ideas that you provide for your students moving on to new schools in the districts. We make them signature shirts so the kids sign a template in advance then that is placed on each shirt. It's 7.50 per shirt. Anything fun, creative I could implement and keep the cost down would be greatly appreciated
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