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Swap meet/flea market fundraiser

8 years 1 month ago #170251 by NoahJakesMom
That's encouraging. Thanks for the info!
8 years 1 month ago #170250 by backtoreality
Our school did an event like this. It worked out great! we rented tables for $15 dollars. People brought things from home to sell (garage sale type items) and we had people who sold Mary Kay, jewelry, and clothes they made. It wasn't just everybody's "old" stuff. We also sold hot dogs and hamburger plates. We also asked parents to donate their items to the school if they didn't want to buy a table. The PTA hosted a table. Everything donated that didn't sale went to a donation center at a church. The parents were told this before they donated their items from home. The school made money on the food, the school table, and the table sales. we did pretty good and everyone wanted to know when we would do it again. so, we think next year will be even a bigger success.
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8 years 2 months ago #170061 by NoahJakesMom
I agree it could get bad if people just start using it as a trash dump.
Honestly, I'm in the very early planning stages. I aiming to have it this time next year.
I'm hoping I can get a good turn out for volunteers because I know it'll be a big undertaking.
Thanks for your thoughts. They helped. :)
8 years 2 months ago #170060 by MommyCBN
I had the very same idea. While I like your idea about getting people to give you stuff to sell for 100% profit it could get messy quickly. Do you have space to store the stuff before hand? Do you have enough help to organize and inspect all the items? I would just worry that too many people would drop off junk.
Good Luck!
8 years 3 months ago #170021 by Craig
Check with your city clerk's office about permits -- the rules often differ from city to city.

Editor in Chief
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8 years 3 months ago #170018 by NoahJakesMom
Hi everyone.
I've been trying to come up with fundraising ideas that don't involve catalogs and forcing families to sell.
I'm leaning towards a community swap meet/garage sale/flea market type thing. We would use the school grounds, separated into sections. I'm thinking of "renting" each section for $20 for the day. I was also thinking of having someone walk around with a 50/50 raffle. Also, maybe accepting donations to have an area in the school where we'd sell items with 100% going to the school.
I was also thinking of maybe inviting some local restaurants to put up some booths.
Does anyone have experience w/ this and would like to give some tips?
Do I need special permits through my city or will and school district permits cover everything on school grounds?
Thanks in advance for any info!
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