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PTO fundraiser - pass for privileges

4 years 8 months ago #173211 by Liz L
Agreed! And I think this is well within your rights to express and bring to a vote.
4 years 8 months ago #173203 by Anonymous
PTO fundraiser - pass for privileges was created by Anonymous
I am writing this as a concerned parent. Our current PTO will be selling “passes” to raise money for the school. These passes provide students privileges such as “being first in lunch line, sitting with a friend, moving seats in class, etc”. My concern is the ethical lesson being taught here to not only my children but other students. Should parents be allowed to purchase privileges for their children to raise money for the school? I don’t agree. It’s comparable to purchasing a pass to be first in line at the DPS. That’s not how life works. If my child is a great class citizen, completes her work, exhibits and demonstrates good behavior I class then sure, reward her by lining up first before going to lunch. I do not think it’s right for parents to be able to purchase this privilege.
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