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Fall Festival Game Ideas

18 years 8 months ago #78949 by ScottMom#1
Unless you are getting paid by those companies, I don't see a problem and ALWAYS appreciate a way to make our groups funds go further.

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18 years 8 months ago #78948 by tiner68
Replied by tiner68 on topic RE: Fall Festival Game Ideas
If I found 2 companies that are better than Orintial Trading Company, can I tell the others on the message board without breaking any of the rules. These companies have better prices and items and I hate to see the schools losing money. I do not work for these companies and know noone who does. Luck would have it that the catalogs showed up in the PTO mail the day we were going to order. The prices are like $1- $3 lower.
18 years 8 months ago #78947 by mother of 2
Does anyone have any ideas about facepainting for a fall festival event. not much??? Any ideas on how to organize this??
18 years 9 months ago #78946 by pals
Replied by pals on topic RE: Fall Festival Game Ideas
Bertha...let me see if I can give you a little help. We have had a fall festival this will be our 4th year. We have two co-chairs, what happens is one is in charge of craft tables, the other the games. We do have a couple of meetings prior to the meeting, the first one is to get ideas and the second to finalize and cut out stuff that is needed for it. The co-chairs over see it all but alot of people step up and bring stuff, prep game stuff, etc. We generally have like six games for different ages, and like 3 or 4 crafts. Since we do this at no charge For prizes we allow each child to "win" three prizes, they can play as much as they want but only get three prizes. Prizes come from oriental trading and we try to get stuff that can be used at other events if we hvae left overs (pencils, stickers, yoyos, bookmarks, stampers,etc.) We have a ticket station at the front door that each child gets their hand stamped and gets their ticket, the ticket has on it three squares for each prize, a balloon art, face painting, and sometime snack (this depends on how expensive our snack is) as they get that item it is stamped.
As far as volunteers what works great for us is we have name tags and station signups, as volunteers arrive (at least 20 minutes before) they take a station and put on their tag, by having the signup sheets we can see where we need the help as the volunteers showup. If you are short volunteers chcek with your high scholl honor society or even student teachers, our fall fest takes between 45-50 volunteers.
Snack can be something as simple as cookies, we have done popcorn, decorate cupcakes, make your own trail mix, make your own carmael apples (UGH), etc.
We have the advantage of setting up during the afternoon after lunch is done, we run it from 6:00-8:00 and we also have pick up for our fall fundraiser this night, gets rid of that stuff easily! If this is your first fall fest what we did was do a rsvp our first year, we sent home the flyer like 2 1/2 weeks before, got a count and added 50 kids. our first year we had 167 kids and their families, last year in our third year we had close to 375 kids and their families.
There is another post under school/family events called fall fest there are ideas on there. Have fun it is worth the effort...

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18 years 9 months ago #78945 by Bertha
Replied by Bertha on topic RE: Fall Festival Game Ideas
Kelley- I'm in a bit of a pickle, maybe you can help me out? My fundraising chair is moving and that leaves me to run our fall festival. I have no idea how to run one. I've been going through all the old posts gathering great info but if you could email me with how to run it start-to-finish I would greatly appreciate it!

My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks
18 years 9 months ago #78944 by yellek
Replied by yellek on topic RE: Fall Festival Game Ideas
I have been in charge of our carnival for couple years and I always do theme related games like you also make the name around the theme. This year is down on the farm we have the "o cake corral" cake walk, Branding barn (tatoo face painting) but my main question is I have always let them just choose a prize at the game right then and some of you have talked about doing it where they bring you tickets or money. How does that work?
Which is better?
Thank you advance.

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