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Fall Festival Game Ideas

12 years 8 months ago #158457 by buggal1989
Our carnival date got pushed back until AFTER HALLOWEEN! Wow, I am glad we won't be using our normal Halloween theme, but a western one.

Title: Wagon's Ho! Wild West Festival

Games: Listed in a previous post.

Other Activities: Wild, Wild West Costume Contest & Pumpkin Decorating Contest

We will have 3 categories with a winner in each category (both contests)
• Sheriffs & Deputies: Western
• Posse: Any other costumes (princess, etc.) or pumpkin designs (snowman, etc.).
• Varmits: Wild West villains.
12 years 8 months ago - 12 years 8 months ago #158456 by buggal1989
Have you spent hours on-line looking for FREE graphics for your carnival signs (like a BOUNCING HOUSE!)? Well look no further! There are lots of them right here on PTOToday!!! I can't wait to use them!!!

12 years 9 months ago #158387 by adryan110200
so I have to say our Fall Festival was a huge hit! We had over 400 pies thrown at the principal and two teachers!! We charged $1 per throw.

We had about 300 people attend. It was honestly way more then I expected. Hiring a professional facepainter(she actually donated her time and only made tips) was a HUGE hit... She stayed an extra two hours to get through the massive line and even tho we were cleaning up people were still buying tickets for face painting lol..

We trippled our money and is probably the biggest event the PTO has had in years. Im really happy all our hard work paid off!
12 years 9 months ago #158347 by PTSO in GA
Replied by PTSO in GA on topic Re:Fall Festival Game Ideas
We charge a flat rate using arm bands. This covers everything except food items and pumpkin patch and pony ride. $10.00 includes all of the games and the bouncy.
12 years 9 months ago - 12 years 9 months ago #158329 by buggal1989
Western Themed Games List

Branding Station
2 tickets Temporary tattoos. Have a number of tattoos on hand. Need to order 1 pkg. of branding iron tattoos to carry out theme.

Cowflop Fling
2 tickets Fling 3 “cowflops” (plastic plates covered with brown paper then topped with a brown construction paper circle) into a wheelbarrow. 0 in - consolation, 1 in - prize from bag #!, 2 in - prize from bag #2, 3 in - prize from bag #3.

Farmer’s Fortune
2 tickets Dig in corn in large barrel for a corn with sand scoop to find gold coins (Mark some coins with a “P”) to win a prize.

It’s a Cake Round-Up!
4 Tickets Cake walk. 2 classes.

Pin the Tail on the Horse
2 tickets Pin the tail (made from a mop head) on the horse (sawhorse with poster board head). Blindfold.

Herd the Pigs
2 tickets Herd (hit with a pink flyswatter) the pigs (6 pink balloons) into the pig-pen (made with odd sections of fence) in one minute to win.

Take Yer Picture
4 Tickets Western backdrop with boy and girl scarecrows in western attire (without heads). Player stands behind scarecrow and put their head into place. Photo taken and printed. Need photo printer and setup. For 2 tickets additional tickets they can make a western theme photo frame at the craft booth.

Wanted Posters
2 tickets (?) Set up a booth and issue “tickets” (to either be punched by the “farm animals” or for the child to write the code on). Either have someone dress as each animal and walk around the carnival to punch tickets or put up “Wanted” poster of each animal with a code # on each. When the player finds all four wanted farm animals they return to the booth to claim their prize.

Rope the Prize Cattle
2 tickets. With a “lasso” (plastic plate with a circle cut out attached to a rope) rope the prize cow (sawhorse with a poster board head) to win the prize. Three tries per turn.

Gone Fishing
2 Tickets Throw out a line at the fishing booth. Catch a small bag of candy or pretzels, cookies, etc. for toddlers.

Duck Crossing
3 tickets Duck pond. Pick a duck (either a number on it or blank). Win a prize from the metal bucket that corresponds with the number on the duck. All prizes will be duck related. 3 prizes and consolation. Limit 2 duck wins. No limit on consolation.

Ride ‘Em Cowboy!
4 Tickets A parent has volunteered to bring their horses to the carnival for a horse ride. Horse will be walked by a volunteer.

Pick Yer Padner
2 tickets Sucker Pull. Color the ends of half the suckers with a red marker. Stick suckers in a hay bale. To play, pull out 2 suckers and if both ends match you win. If not, player gets to keep one sucker as a consolation prize. Toddler toys.

Ring Around the Campfire
3 Tickets 2 booths – 2 classes. Ring Toss. Set up (donated) 2 L drinks in a bowling pen pattern. To play, toss 3 rings and if one goes around a drink, you win the drink. If no “ringers” gets a consolation prize.

Bull Toss
2 tickets Hang a tire with rope from a basketball goal. To play, toss the “bull” (football) through the ring. Three tries per turn. 0 in - consolation, 1 in - prize from bag #!, 2 in - prize from bag #2, 3 in - prize from bag #3.

Hay Ride
2 tickets Either a trailer or a wagon pulled by a tractor. Can give out small bags of candy to each rider (limit one).

Critter Pettin’
2 tickets 4 H Petting Zoo. The 4H club provides animals to pet & view – rabbits, puppies, kittens, goats, chickens, etc.

Cowboy Bob’s Bounce-o-rama!
4 Tickets Jumper & Slide. 10 minutes per turn. A separate bouncer is set up for small children.

Git Yer Grub On! Concessions. One grade.

Pie in the Sky Darts
2 tickets Throw 3 blunt ended lawn darts into 2 hula hoops placed on the ground. Near hoop – consolation, far hoop – winner. Need to keep this one as a carnival game to give the older students something to play.

Ticket Booth
Sell tickets for 4/$1. Post sign with games list with tickets needed and concessions with tickets needed at booth.

PTO Pumpkin Patch Contest
A parent volunteer will provide all forms needed and set-up booth. All that is needed is a volunteer at each shift to direct traffic and take tickets to vote. Enter your decorated pumpkin into our Pumpkin Patch Contest. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes. One ticket per vote. No limit on votes.

Crafty Creations
2 tickets Western themed crafts: door hanger, cactus magnet, bandanas, mini bulletin boards, braided bracelets, beads bracelet, photo frames. All craft items (including glue) will be provided. Booth set-up & staff needed.

Reading Rangers
1 ticket Book booth. 1 ticket a book (We will collect used books from parents before the carnival).
12 years 9 months ago #158327 by buggal1989
We charge 25 cents a ticket. Mopst games are 2 (fishing booth, sucker pull) to 4 tickets (cake walk). Concessions range from 2 tickets (coke) to 8 tickets (hambuger). I think I may have posted our ticket prices by our gur game lost (western themed games) several posts back. If not, check the file bank. I know they are in our Annual Planning Calander.
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